Current affiliation:

Financial Markets Infrastructure Specialist at Central Bank of Zambia

   Work experience:

Im a leading Regional Finance, Banking, and technology professional, financial inclusion, public speaker, and published author who is a highly motivated financial markets networks infrastructure specialist, the current Lead of the team researching on the feasibility of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Furthermore, I participate in the IMF-World Bank Technology Community of Practice (CoP), a CBDC technology CoP which is a private and informal community in the Digital Advisory Unit focusing on R&D and research about CBDC technology for mutual global learning.

I also served on the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) Architecture Interoperability committee, Taxonomy & CBDC, Digital Currency Ecosystem Global Initiative Working group.

I am a global speaker, a published author and have facilitated workshops and seminars on financial inclusion with several training partners including, Africa Bank 4.0 Summits, Attorney General Alliance AGA Africa, ESAAMLG, ISACA Zambia, Ada Labs and Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (AiCE), SADC Payments Associations as a subject matter expert on various subjects ranging from cybersecurity, Trade-based Money Laundering (TBML), AML/CFT, Cryptocurrency investigations, regulation and supervision of Virtual Assets (VA) and Virtual Assets Service Providers (VASPs).

   Field of study: 

Digital Financial Services, Financial Technologies (Fintech)


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Master’s Degree in ICT Regulation, Policy and Management (MEng.), Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc.)

    I joined the DEA because:

Because I'm a Central Banker, a keen follower of the latest developments in Financial Technologies (FinTech), financial inclusion, Regulator Technologies (RegTech), Supervisory Technologies (SupTech), the use cases in development (ICTD), passion for the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, great interest in the technology used to improve the lives of ordinary citizens around the globe

   I am looking for/ can help with:

I can help with research, authoring, and reviews

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