Juan Gutierrez

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Feb 22, 2023 10:20:03 AM





    Current affiliation:

Independent Consultant

   Work experience:

I have worked at a wide range of financial institutions from a central bank to a crypto startup. I have traditional professional experience at a global FX bank, a broker-dealer, a stock exchange, a local FX clearinghouse, a global FX clearing house, and a Ministry of Finance. I have also professional experience in crypto and fintech through my own startup, as an investor, and as a consultant to three crypto startups.


Industrial Engineer at Universidad de los Andes and Master in Finance from the London Business School

    I joined the DEA because:

Public and private money are co-evolving faster than we want to admit. Even if Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some of the new crypto intermediaries never recover from the recent bust, the momentum in regulated stablecoins and CBDCs will transform our monetary and financial order in the remainder of this decade. This is not a zero-sum game and can evolve as a continuation of successful projects (fast payments), new technologies (open systems and offline capabilities), new cross-border alliances, and importantly new expectations from consumers (private, instantaneous, inexpensive).

   I am looking for/ can help with:

CBDCs and Dollarization, Summary of CBDC pilots, Overview of Crypto, Stablecoin and CBDCs, Wholesale CBDCs

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