Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    Current affiliation:

PwC Middle East, Senior Manager

   Work experience:

I have supported a wide variety of activities, including advising central banks on the topic of CBDCs, educating a number of governments on the need for regulating digital (or virtual) assets, and advising clients on the utilization of blockchain technology in the banking space. I have also supported the development of a MvP for a collateralized stablecoin in the Caribbean. I have written on a lot of topics, which are available on LinkedIn, which include stablecoins, CBDCs, decentralized finance, leveraging blockchain technology for CBDCs, the disintermediation of banks from CBDC adoption, privacy enhance techniques for CBDCs, offline capabilities for CBDCs and the impact on crypto by the advent of CBDCs. Finally, I have co-authored a book in conjunction with a global expert called 'Disrupting the Disruptors' (available on Amazon).

   Field of study: 

Economics and Computer Science


Undergraduate Degree in Economics (BSc Hons) - University of Surrey (UK), Postgraduate Masters in Business Systems Integration (MSc) at Brunel University (UK), Finance (MSc) at the University of London (UK). Also PhD applicant on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) for Bradford University (UK) awaiting start date (2023).

    I joined the DEA because:

To further develop my international network on digital currencies (including CBDCs) and help develop thought leadership content to educate and create global awareness of the innovation and adoption of digital currencies using blockchain technology.

   I am looking for/ can help with:

Help develop thought leadership on a wide variety of topics, which may include stablecoins, CBDCs, decentralized finance, and regulating virtual assets.

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