Richard Turrin

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Nov 26, 2022 9:13:23 AM


Italian, American


Shanghai, China

    Current affiliation:

Best selling author of "Cashless" and "Innovation Lab Excellence", Consultant, Speaker & Top media source on China's digital yuan and mobile payments

   Work experience:

18 years as an investment banker, five years at IBM, and lived in Shanghai for over a decade. I was innovating with math and computers for most of my career and was inspired to write my latest book, “Cashless,” after I experienced China going “cashless” firsthand. Superapps and central bank digital currency payment aren’t theoretical for me; I live them daily. So as I like to say, “I write and speak about what I know.” 

   Field of study: 

CBDC, the impact of technology on finance and why China's world-class fintech is a blueprint for the West


Princeton MSE (Applied Math and Engineering)

    I joined the DEA because:

The digital euro is a breakthrough that re-envisions digital payment as a "public good," as in China, India, and other nations. My goal is to help show how the digital euro will change society in many of the same ways that instant payment apps already changed China as it went "Cashless." China's experience with going "Cashless" is directly applicable to the EU and provides critical insights into the EU's future. Know the EU's cashless future by studying China's!

   I am looking for/ can help with:

I am pleased to provide Digital Euro Association visitors with the first three chapters of my best seller, "Cashless."

As an author, I love speaking at events, but given that China still has a covid quarantine upon return, I do most of my keynotes and presentations virtually from my home studio. However, the situation may have changed when you read this, so do reach out! Note: I will be in the EU April-June 2023.

My typical client for speaking or keynotes wants an impactful hour on China’s digital yuan that helps their attendees understand that disruption is coming. My goal in these sessions is to take people out of their comfort zone to see that CBDCs are coming faster than they think. I also do a fair amount of internal corporate work with financial institutions that want bespoke workshops with specific learning objectives.

As an author, I have to promote myself and my book and do a lot of podcasts and video interviews for both individuals and companies. I enjoy podcasting, and I almost always say yes if there is a good-sized audience! I also do a lot of media work, write articles for placement in financial newspapers, and do TV interviews.

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