Stuttgart, Germany

    Current affiliation:

Lead Expert Digital Assets & Digital Economy at Robert Bosch GmbH

   Work experience:

As a young professional in the field of payments and finance, I have gained a strong understanding of payment systems and the challenges faced by consumers and businesses in this area. I have worked on several projects related to digital payment systems, including the design and implementation of new technologies and the development of compliance policies. My academic and professional foundation has provided me with a deep understanding of the economic and technical issues to ensure a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the context of digital payment.

I take part in different expert groups in Germany such as the Digital Finance Forum (DFF) from the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) in Germany and blockLAB e.V., a regional blockchain network in Stuttgart. Within the DFF, I meet with selected industry experts to discuss exciting topics around centralized finance, decentralized finance and digital assets in order to advice the BMF on current hurdles but also new opportunities for Germany's future of finance.

   Field of study: 

4+ years of research and study in the field of Web3, especially around CBDCs, DLT-based payments, tokenomics and tokenization.


University of Basel (PhD program) – Research in the field of cryptoeconomic systems and digital payments; University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart (Bachelor & Master) – Economics and Finance

    I joined the DEA because:

I believe that the digital euro is of tremendous importance for Europe’s digital economy. The digital euro has the potential to foster digital sovereignty in Europe and to revolutionize the way we make payments that will bring many benefits to consumers and businesses. The DEA is a known instituion for experts in this field and gives a platform for holistic discussions.

   I am looking for/ can help with:

I'm looking for interesting contacts in the field of digital payment and digital assets. Furthermore, I love to hold presentations and to talk on conferences (physical & digital). I'm happy to advice you on general topics related to my field of expertise and to leverage my knowledge for your specific needs.

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