Ávila, Spain

    Current affiliation:

Catholic University of Ávila, Ávila Business School Coordinator

   Work experience:

I have been teaching and researching at UCAV from September 2012 to the present.

   Field of study: 

Central Bank Digital Currencies, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship.


PhD. in Law and Economics, Economics and Finance, Universidad CEU-San Pablo (Madrid, Spain). Degree in Law and Degree in Business Administration and Management from UCAV, Spain.

    I joined the DEA because:

One of my lines of research is digital currencies, both CBDCs and cryptocurrencies. And these are topics that the DEA is focused on. This allows me to keep up to date with news, publications and changes and to share experiences with other DEA members in the same sector and research topics.

   I am looking for/ can help with:

I am looking to keep up to date with the latest news on financial digitization. I offer collaboration in research on financial digitalization, its effects on the population and financial inclusion.

  My Social Media:

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