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Banking on Tokens: A Primer on Tokenized Commercial Bank Deposits

Discover the future of banking in a digital age with the latest primer released by our Private Digital Euro Working Group, focusing on the emerging concept of Tokenized Deposits (TDs).

The paper delves into the concept of TDs – traditional bank deposits transmuted into digital assets via blockchain or DLT platforms. This exploration spans from the remarkable advantages TDs could bring, such as streamlined cross-border transactions and programmable payments, to the challenges that their implementation might entail, like compliance with AML and KYC regulations and data protection considerations.

In the primer, thorough discussions on the profound implications TDs could have on monetary policy and financial stability are discussed. You will also gain insights into how they could co-exist with other digital money forms, such as Central Bank Digital Currencies and stablecoins, and their potential role in shaping a future digital economy.

A collaboration among researchers, policymakers, and industry leaders, this primer acts as an invaluable resource for anyone looking to understand and participate in the discourse on the evolving financial landscape.

Explore the full primer here!

The paper “Banking on Tokens” does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Digital Euro Association but that of the Working Group participants.

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