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Digital euro - What can we expect in the legislative framework?

On the 28 June 2023 the EU Commission will release a bumper package of legislative proposals impacting financial services - PSD3, open finance and a legislative proposal for a digital euro. The Digital Euro proposal was expected in late May 2023 but is now expected to be published alo …

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The Issuance of the Digital Euro: A Synthesis of the Institutional Aspects

The EU law is a fundamental instrument for the creation of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that could serve 20 countries. As the monetary sector for Eurozone countries is an exclusive competence of the EU under Article 3 (1) TFEU, the process of concluding this project will be …

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An Update On The Debate On Privacy For A Digital Euro

As the evolution of the internet and the digitalisation process go forward, the awareness of the value of privacy[1], along with the necessity to guarantee and protect it, increases.

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