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How China’s digital yuan can chip away at the US dollar’s dominance

China’s growing clout makes the Belt and Road Initiative and RCEP trade bloc ideal platforms to push for yuan internationalisation, aided by Hong Kong’s financial centre strengths

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CBDC Article Series -  The Chinese digital yuan

Authors - Dr. Jochen Biedermann and Juan Gutierrez. This is the second article in our Public Digital Euro Working Group series. The objective of this article is to provide an updated perspective on the e-CNY (aka e-RMB, Digital Yuan, Digital Renminbi - the Chinese CBDC) for those alre …

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China’s digital yuan serving up CBDC ‘roadmap’: fintech expert

‘Digital Currencies in Asia Lessons for Europe’ webinar: (clockwise from top left) Bessho, Gross, Caudevilla, Turrin and Yamaoka

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