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DEA and Hellenic Association of Treasurers Join Forces

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is proud to unveil a strategic partnership with the Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT), a distinguished organization representing Treasury  and Finance professionals across Greece and abroad. This alliance between the DEA and HAT aims to foster the development of digital currencies and contribute to the evolution of the European digital economy.

This collaboration bolsters the DEA's expanding roster of financial institutions dedicated to influencing the future of digital money. The partnership underscores a shared commitment to propel the digital transformation of the European economy and investigate the potential implementation of the digital euro.

The partnership will capitalize on HAT's vast network of Treasury and Finance professionals in Greece, with the DEA providing its knowledge in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and other digital fiat currency forms. United, the DEA and HAT will strive to educate and inform stakeholders on the potential advantages and challenges of the digital euro and its influence on the European economy.

"We are enthusiastic about the Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT) joining the Digital Euro Association," stated Jonas Gross, Chairman of the DEA. "This alliance paves the way for the exchange of insights and expertise in digital banking and the future of financial services, while cultivating innovation in digital currencies, particularly the digital euro."

“The Hellenic Association of Treasurers is delighted to partner with the Digital Euro Association (DEA)” stated Alexandros Koliavras, President of the HAT. “Europe is rapidly transforming into a digital economy. This strategic collaboration will benefit the two associations in terms of knowledge sharing and will fortify the Greek Treasury and Finance community with the required skill set to stay ahead of the curve in digital currency developments! 

About the DEA

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money based in Frankfurt, Germany. In particular, it focuses on the digital euro. The DEA is committed to independence in aggregating and amplifying the views of society and the furtherance of the public good through knowledge exchange, encouraging new ideas, and forward-thinking in the field of digital money. The DEA is the independent voice of citizens regarding digital money-related topics. Partnerships and collaborations are in no way an endorsement of Member ideologies, products and services, nor political regimes.

About Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT)

The Hellenic Association of Treasurers (HAT), is the leading professional association for Treasury professionals and related professionals in Greece and abroad. The association is a non-profit organization founded in 2020. Its members are employed by multinationals, large corporates, mid-sized companies, financial institutions, governmental bodies, and non-profit organizations. HAT members are involved in activities, including but not limited to Trading, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Cash Management, Capital Management, Treasury Accounting & Control, Treasury Operations, Asset & Liability Management, etc.

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