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DEA Quarterly Insights: Shaping the Future of Digital Money | Q1 2024

Welcome to the latest edition of the Digital Euro Association's Quarterly Insights! 

This comprehensive blog post presents a concise overview of our association's activities and achievements over the past three months. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital money, this summary highlights our strides in promoting financial innovation, fostering education, and exploring groundbreaking initiatives.

Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the key milestones and accomplishments that shape the future of digital money!

New Members 

In Q1 2024, the DEA welcomed the Aleph Zero Foundation, Eurodollar and the HBAR Foundation as its newest standard members, and the National Bank of Georgia as its newest central bank partner.

Aleph Zero is dedicated to creating scalable, secure, and private decentralized blockchain platforms, aiming to enhance the efficiency and transparency of digital money.

Eurodollar mission is to deliver a safe, and fair, general purpose, USD-pegged, on-chain currency that can act as an independent safe port for all crypto users in all-weather conditions.

The HBAR Foundation facilitates the development of the Hedera ecosystem, supporting projects that leverage Hedera's unique hashgraph technology to drive high-performance applications.

The National Bank of Georgia will engage in various cooperative endeavors with the DEA. These include sharing knowledge about digital currencies, organizing joint conferences, collaborating on joint research papers, and providing assistance in other spheres of respective competence.


Distinguished People and Public Affairs

Digital Euro Conference 2024 (DEC24)

Erdem Tunçer (Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye), Fatma Dirkes (Director and Vice President at Frankfurt School), and Miguel Fernández Ordóñez (Former Bank of Spain) at the first row

The DEA had the pleasure of receiving at the DEC24, on February 29th, Erdem Tunçer, Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye and Fatma Dirkes, Director and Vice President at Frankfurt School. The event also brought together Miguel Fernández Ordóñez, Former Bank of Spain, Tao Sun, International Monetary Fund and other great personalities. For more information take a look at the “DEA Event” session below.

German Ministry of Finance

Lena Grale (Left), Anne-Sophie Gogl (Centre), Valentin Seehausen (Right)

On January 18th, our DEA board members Lena Grale, Valentin Seehausen and Anne-Sophie Gógl had the opportunity to discuss stablecoins in detail with representatives of the German Federal Ministry of Finance. During the meeting, both the regulatory relevance of MiCA and potential (industry) use cases for stablecoins were discussed.

Deutscher Bundestag

Dr. Jonas Gross (Centre)

On February 19th, our chairman, Dr. Jonas Gross, represented the DEA at the hearing on the digital euro in the Finance Committee of the German Bundestag. Jonas emphasized the privacy challenges involved and touched on potential technologies enabling the attainment of the highest privacy standards.

Watch the entire session (in German) 👇 


DEA Events 

Digital Euro Conference 2024 (DEC24)

The DEC24, conducted on February 29, 2024, assembled a diverse group of experts, policymakers, and industry leaders in a hybrid setting, combining both on-site and remote participation. The engaging event happened in two designated spaces (Audimax and Innovation Room) and featured discussions, presentations, and panel sessions focusing on topics such as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and Commercial Bank Money Tokens. 

Watch the Official Aftermovie 👇 


Read the recap here: 


CBDC Meetup Munich

Daniel Nagy (Left), Tanja Heßdörfer (Centre-Left), Dr. Jonas Gross (Centre-Right), Frank Kuhn (Right)

The second “CBDC Meetup Munich” took place on March 19th and brought together the local payment community to discuss key aspects of CBDCs. The meetup is a platform for open-minded and also controversial discussion. The event was hosted at the Bankhaus DONNER & REUSCHEL and featured two keynote speakers (Dr. Jonas Gross and Tanja Heßdörfer) besides the open discussion and networking time. 


Events DEA attended

In the month of January, DEA had the opportunity to participate in the following events:

  • Frankfurt School Blockchain Center – DLT Talents
    Presentation: Personal Branding in Digital Money Careers & Introduction to the DEA
  • Hellenic Association of Treasurers – Blockchain & Digital Assets Working Group
    Presentation: The Future of Money: CBDCs, Stablecoins and Deposit Tokens


  • German Society for Financial Analysis
    Presentation: Der Digitale Euro der EZB


  • Frankfurt School Blockchain Center
    Panel Discussion: The Digital Euro Landscape: A Status Update

  • European Commission
    Presentation: Connecting the Dots: Blockchain Education Initiatives Across Europe

The DEA remains committed to pioneering the future of digital money, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision of a digitally empowered world. As we look ahead to the next quarter, we are excited to embark on new endeavors, expand our horizons, and continue making a positive impact. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

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