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DEA supports the targeted consultation on a digital euro

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) notes the European Commission’s targeted consultation on a digital euro and encourages all sectors to participate in this consultation.

On 5 April 2022, the European Commission launched a targeted consultation on a digital euro which complements the European Central Bank’s public consultation. With a closing date of 14 June 2022, the targeted consultation seeks to gather further information on expected impacts on key industries (financial intermediation, payment services, merchants), users (consumer associations, retailers’ associations), chambers of commerce and other stakeholders in international trade. 

The consultation will specifically collect further evidence regarding the following:

  1. Users’ needs and expectations for a digital euro
  2. The digital euro’s role for the EU’s retail payments and the digital economy
  3. Making the digital euro available for retail use while continuing to safeguard the legal tender status of euro cash
  4. The digital euro’s impact on the financial sector and the financial stability
  5. Application of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML-CFT) rules
  6. The privacy and data protection aspects
  7. International payments with a digital euro

Call for all to participate

The Digital Euro Association encourages all sectors and individuals to participate in this targeted consultation to ensure a broad range of perspectives are considered. This call to participate is in line with the DEA’s support for the op-ed calling for greater inclusion in the digital euro discussion published earlier this year.

The DEA strongly supports the engagement of a wide array of stakeholders to be included in the dialogue on the digital euro such that perspectives from all sectors are considered towards an inclusive digital euro.

More details on the targeted consultation and how to participate may be found here


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