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DEA Thesis Award: Call for Theses on the digital Euro

Hereby, the Digital Euro Association (DEA) announces the DEA Thesis Award, a call for theses on the digital Euro. Paper topics should cover either the public digital euro in the form of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) or the private digital Euro in the form of euro stablecoins, tokenized commercial bank money, etc. Note that this is not a call for academic papers but instead targets student papers that have been submitted at academic institutions all over the world as we want to encourage young students to research these topics. With this first call for papers, the DEA awards the best and most innovative theses around the digital Euro to contribute to our mission of supporting education around the digital Euro.


Topics for the DEA theses award should include at least one of the following aspects (independent of the field of research) of a public or private digital Euro:

  • Economic, technological, and policy implications of CBDCs or stablecoins (preferably in the context of the Euro Area)
  • Technological designs of CBDCs or stablecoins
  • Use cases and business models of CBDCs or stablecoins
  • The role of privacy for CBDCs
  • The role of programmability for CBDCs or stablecoins
  • Acceptance of CBDCs and stablecoins
  • Risks and opportunities of CBDCs and stablecoins
  • Motivations for implementing CBDCs and stablecoins
  • Citizens interest in CBDCs or stablecoins


The best three theses will be awarded as follows:

  • First prize: 1000 cEUR
  • Second prize: 500 cEUR
  • Third prize: 200 cEUR

The first prize winner will also have the option of pursuing a 3 month paid internship at DEA partner cLabs to further explore the subject of their thesis in more details.

The price will be paid out in the Euro stablecoin cEUR issued on the Celo network.


Thesis submission

All theses must be submitted as one single PDF in electronic form by November 30th. Please send all theses to To participate in this programm, it is necessary that the thesis has already been submitted at an academic institution and has been written in English. When submitting the thesis, please provide the information about when and at which university you submitted the thesis, the language and if it was a Bachelor or a Master’s thesis.


Award Ceremony

The winners of the DEA theses award will be awarded at a public event in January or February 2022.


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