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A look back at the 2023 DEA Thesis Awards Ceremony

What an incredible evening it was at the 2023 DEA Thesis Awards Ceremony! We gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking research of academics who are shaping the future of digital currencies. With a range of compelling theses, our finalists presented pioneering insights into central bank digital currencies and stablecoins, captivating us all with their innovative ideas.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Ripple for their generous support and commitment to fostering education in digital money, which made this event possible.

Now, let's take a closer look at the work of our brilliant finalists:

  1. Alessio Azzutti, our first-place winner, is a Master's student at Utrecht University. His thesis, titled "Removing euro banknotes and coins from circulation: on the legal possibility for a digital euro as the only legal tender within the EU legal and monetary system", captivated the jury with its thorough exploration of the legalities surrounding a potential digital euro.

  2. Vanessa Dutzi, who clinched second place, is an LL.M. Master's student at the University of Zurich UZH. Vanessa's thesis, "Recovery and Resolution Planning for Stablecoins: how could it look like?" provided a fascinating examination of the recovery and resolution mechanisms for stablecoins, a critical area in the expanding realm of digital currencies. 

  3. Our third-place winner, Maxime Polis, a Master's student at HEC Liège | University of Liège & Hohenheim Universität, presented a thought-provoking thesis titled "Central bank digital currencies in open economies: A new Keynesian DSGE approach". Maxime's work expanded our understanding of how central bank digital currencies function within open economies, providing novel insights through a New Keynesian lens. 


Maxime Polis Screenshot


Each of these outstanding researchers has contributed valuable insights into the evolving world of digital currencies. Their work echoes the DEA's mission to promote public good and preserve human rights through sound education around digital currencies. a big thank you to the great team at Ripple for supporting this year's thesis awards.

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