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Digital Euro Association partners with Fluency

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is delighted to announce its partnership with Fluency. Fluency is a U.K. & U.S. based blockchain technology company that has developed a blockchain-based platform called Aureum for the purpose of building and interconnecting national central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Represented by CEO Inga Mullins, Fluency has been selected to join major CBDC working groups, such as the European Central Bank Digital Euro Market Advisory Group and the Bank of England’s CBDC Technology Taskforce, to help shape the digital future of some of the world’s largest traded currencies. Through this partnership, we look forward to the exchange of insights and perspectives gained from Fluency's development of operationally ready solutions for CBDC platforms around the world.

“Fluency is an aspiring fintech company that has managed to become a member of reputable CBDC working groups in Europe. We look forward to the partnership and the insights gained from Fluency’s CBDC solution. This partnership also adds another strong partner to DEA’s portfolio of technology companies working on CBDCs, such as DEA Members Ripple and cLabs” says Jonas Gross, Chairman of the Digital Euro Association.

“Fluency is delighted to join the Digital Euro Association as a supporting partner. Our engagements with major central banks, thought leader status and technical knowledge will hopefully add significant value to the DEA. It's very exciting to be working alongside the DEA to collaborate on accelerating development and research for the creation of a European Central Bank digital currency, and other forms of digital money” says Inga Mullins, CEO & Founder of Fluency.

About the DEA

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money based in Frankfurt, Germany. In particular, it focuses on the digital euro. It is the DEA's mission to contribute to the public and political discourse through research, education, and by providing a platform and community for policy-makers, technologists, and economists to discuss digital money-related topics. The DEA is committed to independence and excellence, aiming to set the agenda and to shape policy by encouraging new ideas and forward-thinking in the field of digital money. 

About Fluency

Fluency is an innovative blockchain 4.0 technology company, which can be applied to a multitude of use cases, including payments. Their proprietary technology, Aureum, is a universal digital payments blockchain network with the ability to make and receive instant, near-zero cost payments, regardless of currency, channel, or form factor (including dual offline capabilities). Aureum can be easily integrated into existing payment architectures with minimal additional infrastructure. It was specifically designed to offer full flexibility with a broad suite of features and be future-proof for regulators, commercial enterprises, retailer users, and other product and service suite developers.

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