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Digital Euro Association Partners with Stablecoin Standard

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is excited to announce its partnership with Stablecoin Standard, the industry body for stablecoin issuers globally. This collaboration marks a significant step in our joint effort to deepen the understanding and implementation of stablecoins and digital currencies in Europe and globally. In particular, it stresses the DEA’s perception that besides central bank digital currencies (CBDC), novel and innovative forms of money from the private sector, such as stablecoins, will also play a remarkable role in the future of money.Founded in 2022, Stablecoin Standard has been instrumental in bringing together the stablecoin industry to educate, inform, and drive forward shared initiatives. Through this partnership, the DEA will leverage Stablecoin Standard's expertise in stablecoin dynamics, industry standards, and policy advocacy to augment its ongoing efforts in promoting digital currency education and innovation, aligning with the DEA's mission to foster education, research, and collaboration in the field of digital currencies.

The collaboration will focus on several key areas including the sharing of best practices among members, networking, and education about stablecoins. Furthermore, this partnership will facilitate thought leadership contributions from policymakers and regulators, offering guidance for the industry at large.

Dr. Jonas Gross, Chairman of the Digital Euro Association, expressed enthusiasm about this new partnership. "Working with Stablecoin Standard will greatly enhance our capabilities in fostering a comprehensive understanding of the stablecoin ecosystem - and stresses our willingness to shape the future of money, in which stablecoins also play an important role. Their commitment to excellence and innovation aligns perfectly with our vision at DEA".

Ramy Soliman, Co-Founder and Policy Lead of Stablecoin Standard, said "This partnership with the Digital Euro Association shows the growing maturity of the digital space where complementary collaboration in the digital money ecosystem results in a better outcome for all. We at Stablecoin Standard look forward to working with the DEA to develop use cases for digital money in Europe".

About the DEA

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money based in Frankfurt, Germany. In particular, it focuses on the digital euro. It is the DEA's mission to contribute to the public and political discourse through research, education, and by providing a platform and community for policy-makers, technologists, and economists to discuss digital money-related topics. The DEA is committed to independence and excellence, aiming to set the agenda and to shape policy by encouraging new ideas and forward-thinking in the field of digital money. 

About SCS

The Stablecoin Standard (SCS) is the industry body for stablecoin issuers globally. We intend to be a shared voice for the industry sharing best practice amongst our members, developing the minimum industry standard for stablecoin issuers, policy engagement, education and use case initiatives. We are advocates of the mass adoption of digital money forms and whilst focused on Stablecoins.

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