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Digital Euro Conference (DEC23) on March 31, 2023: Full Speaker List and Agenda Online

In case you or your colleagues want to get a free online/streaming ticket, here is the link - We are very happy to organize the DEC for the first time! 

This is the website of our conference:

And here is the agenda:

The conference will bring together industry experts, financial sector experts, central bankers, representatives of associations, corporate leaders, and entrepreneurs to discuss the latest developments in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, and tokenized commercial bank money, and explore their impact on the future of money and the global economy.

Speakers Cards (19)

Below, please find the link where you can get a 25% discount for an on-site ticket: 1 day with 9 hours of discussions, networking and panel discussions from a total of about 40+ digital money experts.

Among them, for example, Ripple, EY, Circle, IBM, Ammer Group, GFT, YPOG, Crunchfish, Zanders, Stasis, DZ Bank, DSGV, BIS, IMF and many more. 

Get a 25% discount ticket here:

Here are our speakers:

  • Miguel Fernandez Ordonéz
  • John Kiff (Research Director at SODA, ex IMF)
  • Anikó Szombati (Central Bank of Hungary)
  • Patrick Hansen (Circle)
  • Alexander Bechtel (DWS)
  • Simon Zieglgruber (Association of German Banks)
  • Maike Hornung (Visa)
  • Claus George (DZ Bank)
  • Dr. Jan Rosam (EY)
  • Manuel Klein (Deutsche Bank)
  • Basak Toprak (Onyx by JP Morgan)
  • David Tercero-Lucas (Lipis Advisors)
  • Ricky Lamberty (Bosch)
  • Simon Seiter (Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe Privatbankiers AG)
  • Anne-Sophie Gógl (Bundesdruckerei)
  • Wolfgang Berger (IBM)
  • Victor Ammer (Ammer Group)
  • Ernesto Troiano (GFT)
  • Prof. Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht (Universität Basel)
  • Sebastian Maus (Roland Berger)
  • Dirk Schrade (Deutsche Bundesbank)
  • Jamiel Sheikh (CBDC Think Tank)
  • Sarah Palurovic (Digital Euro Association)
  • Veljko Andrijasevic (Riksbank)
  • Anthony Ralphs (Ripple)
  • Antony Welfare (Ripple)
  • Tamara Ferreira Schmidt (Digital Euro Association)
  • Alexandre Stervinou (Banque de France)
  • Stefano Leucci (European Data Protection Supervisor)
  • Stefan Kromolicki (Blockchain for Europe)
  • Sonja Davidovic (BIS)
  • Nick Wittek (Jones Day Financial Markets Practice)
  • Dr. Jonas Gross (Digital Euro Association)
  • Conrad Kraft (Digital Euro Association)
  • Kateryna Zhabska (IMF)
  • Carsten Lösing (YPOG)
  • Joachim Samuelsson (Crunchfish)
  • Philipp J. A. Hartmannsgruber (DSGV)
  • Gregory Klumov (Stasis)
  • Robert Richter (Zanders)

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