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DLT in Banking Virtual Conference 2022

The advent of DLT is challenging banks to move from established business models to a more technology-based financial ecosystem that could spark real disruption and produce a new era of value. Such solutions can help traditional banks modernize their technology and internal processes (core-banking systems, identification and authentication applications, among others).

Thus, applying distributed ledgers also brings internal challenges related to consolidating a decision-making base with technical expertise that can identify feasible use cases that generate increasing value for the bank.

Therefore, it seems clear that one of the biggest challenges facing traditional banks is to modernize their core banking systems, which have become outdated, expensive, and rigid, by moving to new business models.

The Department of Management of the Sapienza University of Rome and CIS Sapienza organizes an annual international conference to bring together people from academia, research, public institutions and industries from different sectors such as business, IT and law, in a unique program to discuss the opportunities and challenges of DLT in banking.

The conference will be held online on June 22 and 23, 2022. 

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