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Recap of the Digital Euro Association Summerfest 2023

The DEA's second Summerfest, which took place on 29 June, 2023, proved to be a grand assembly of minds, witnessing active involvement of approx. 50 individuals that included institutional members, dedicated fellows and esteemed experts. The prestigious Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt served as a fitting venue, attracting a notable number of DEA executive team members along with our founding members.


Recapping the highlights: Dr. Jonas Gross discusses the DEA's 2022 milestones and introduces the sponsors at the Summerfest

The event commenced with a warm welcome and introduction from Dr. Jonas Gross, the chairman of the DEA. Following his opening remarks, the Summerfest sponsors, EY, and Ripple, took the stage to discuss their latest forays into the fields of stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).


An industry leader's perspective: Dr. Jan Rosam (EY) delves into EY's digital money engagement

Dr. Jan Rosam, partner at EY, acknowledged EY's comprehensive involvement in the realm of digital currency, encompassing the establishment of robust compliance protocols for stablecoin issuers and active participation in global conversations pertaining to CBDCs.

Ripple is actively engaged in facilitating cross-border payments and spearheading the advancement of a robust settlement infrastructure that accommodates a wide range of assets, including stablecoins and CBDCs, across diverse jurisdictions. The company has established significant collaborations with central banks, such as those in Bhutan and Palau, where it actively contributes to the realization of CBDC initiatives, focusing on the development and implementation of cutting-edge technological frameworks.

The Summerfest also fostered networking opportunities. A vibrant cocktail lunch was served, allowing delegates to connect directly and exchange thoughts on a more personal level.



Engagement and networking: Summerfest attendees immersed in discussions


Supporting the future of digital money: A special acknowledgement of EY and Ripple, the esteemed sponsors of DEA Summerfest 2023

In an era where the future of digital money in Europe is promising and transformative, networks and collaborations foster much-needed discourse and innovation. Nurturing a strong community that drives thought leadership, knowledge sharing, and meaningful engagement, events such as the DEA Summerfest amplifies these connections, bringing the brightest minds together. We look forward to fostering this collaborative spirit and witnessing the groundbreaking advancements it is bound to produce.

The DEA team would like to express our profound gratitude to all the participants and our exceptional sponsors – EY and Ripple, for making the Summerfest 2023 a resounding success. Here's to many more shared milestones and in-depth explorations in the offing!

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