Jaskaran Singh

Jaskaran has completed his BBA. International Management from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt, Germany. With an extensive experience of living, studying, and working in five different countries namely Germany, US, India, UK, and the Netherlands, he has gained significant international exposure and honed effective intercultural skills. The financial sector has always intrigued Jaskaran, as a result he gained professional experience in some of the most well-reputed firms and banks such as Deloitte, The World Bank, BNP Paribas, and LBBW. He is also a TEDx Speaker and delivered a motivational TED Talk about the ‘Aspect of Change’. He was awarded with the title of Outstanding Personality by the city of Frankfurt and the FS Spirit Award by the Frankfurt School for extra-ordinary academic achievements and social engagement. Given his interest in politics, he is also a part of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation which focusses on promoting core values such as democracy, peace, and equality both at national and international level. Jaskaran specializes and enjoys collaborating on projects in the field of financial innovation, financial technology, central bank digital currency and the future of banking and payments.

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