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Digital Euro Association partners with DZ Bank

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is pleased to announce its latest partnership with DZ Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in Germany. DZ Bank's inclusion expands the DEA’s growing membership of financial institutions which are actively seeking to shape the future of digital money. As discussions about digital currencies and their adoption continues to grow, the DEA remains committed to facilitating collaboration between industry leaders to advance the digitalization of the European economy and ensure a smooth transition to a digital euro.

Through this partnership, the DEA and DZ Bank will exchange insights and expertise on digital banking and the future of financial services. The partnership will also enable the DEA to gain insights from DZ Bank's experience in implementing innovative digital banking solutions for its customers.

"We are pleased to welcome DZ Bank as a member of the Digital Euro Association," said Jonas Gross, Chairman of the DEA. "DZ Bank's dedication to digital transformation and innovation in financial services makes them a valuable partner in our efforts to promote the responsible development and use of the digital euro towards the continued digitalization of the European economy."

Clause George, Head of Digitalization and Innovation at DZ Bank, commented on the new partnership, saying, "We are delighted to join the Digital Euro Association, a valuable network comprising an independent mix of all relevant stakeholders in the digital currency space. The DEA provides a great platform for exchange and collaboration, enabling us to share our insights and learn from other industry leaders as we collectively shape the future of digital money."

 About the DEA

The Digital Euro Association (DEA) is a think tank specializing in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), stablecoins, crypto assets, and other forms of digital money based in Frankfurt, Germany. In particular, it focuses on the digital euro. The DEA is committed to independence in aggregating and amplifying the views of society and the furtherance of the public good through knowledge exchange, encouraging new ideas, and forward-thinking in the field of digital money. The DEA is the independent voice of citizens regarding digital money-related topics. Partnerships and collaborations are in no way an endorsement of Member ideologies, products and services, nor political regimes.

About DZ Bank

DZ BANK is the second largest bank in Germany. The DZ BANK Group forms part of the German Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network, which comprises more than 700 local cooperative banks and is one of Germany’s largest private-sector financial services organizations measured in terms of total assets. Within the cooperative financial network, DZ BANK AG functions both as a central institution for all cooperative banks in Germany and their around 8,100 branch offices and as a corporate and investment bank with a growing European and selective Asian presence. DZ BANK has branches in London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as subsidiaries and representative offices in key financial centres throughout the world.

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